Practical strategies for businesses, thought leaders, and influencers who want to determine the next steps in their business and grow.

Your Secret to Success: Momentum over Speed

Nobody wants to be another statistic of a small business that failed. And people have this notion that you have to scale quickly if you don’t want to fail.

But what you really need to scale your business is not speed, but momentum.

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How to Work With Your Spouse and Stay Married

Entrepreneurship is an incredibly lonely gig and having your spouse in the business at least helps with that loneliness.

But what if when the going gets tough and the tough get going?

Would you still be able to run your company together – for better or worse?

Through thick and thin?

First, you need to understand the magic that can actually come out of a successful working relationship with your spouse.

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Our Responsibility to Share Our Truth

Do you wonder if your fans or your clients or your team will remain loyal to your business if you don’t appear to have it all put together?

We all have our own story to tell – you do.

And this is your absolute truth!

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5 Ways to Beat Self-Sabotage in Business and Your Life

How driven are you as a business owner?

You’d probably give yourself a 10, wouldn’t you?

You’re too focused on the results so you do better at everything because you want to feel safe.

And when things don’t go exactly your way, you tend to be too hard on yourself.

This pursuit of better actually ends up ruining your happiness – in other words – self-sabotage.

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6 Myths About an Executive Assistant You Need to Debunk

EAs are a highly valuable asset in every company.

In fact, they’re the unsung heroes of numerous companies.

However, a lot of people don’t actually understand the value of an executive assistant, often assuming that they’re too expensive or that they’re not competent enough.

But first, you need to debunk these myths about executive assistants so you can fully understand just how important an EA position is and ultimately see them as a valuable partner in growing your business.

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Four Keys to Streamline Travel Management

As a business owner, traveling could simply add up to your stressors.

Not to mention the decision fatigue that you could probably be suffering from – what with all the decisions you need to be making every day!

So here are four ways to improve how you travel. (This is something your executive assistant can help you with as well so travel becomes more manageable!)

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Empowering Your Team to Speak On Your Behalf

Are you handling everything about your business on your own that you feel like your business isn’t able to grow as much as you wanted it to?

Now, you can either choose to go all the way down the rabbit hole or finally free yourself up from all the stress by hiring an EA.

However, you have to be able to train your EA to read your mind so they can have complete authority to speak on your behalf.

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