Are you handling everything about your business on your own that you feel like your business isn’t able to grow as much as you wanted it to? 

Now, you can either choose to go all the way down the rabbit hole or finally free yourself up from all the stress by hiring an EA. 

However, you have to be able to train your EA to read your mind so they can have complete authority to speak on your behalf. 


4 Steps to Training Your EA

Step 1: Slow down a little bit.

Slow down so that you can create processes. Document them. Teach them not only what to think, but how you think. Explain why you do things a certain way so that when you’re not around, they know how to think and act strategically on your behalf. Inviting them to get inside your head is a helpful visual for them.

Step 2: Prioritize a relationship.

Their success is an extension of you. And this is all dependent on your ability to let them know you and for you to know them. Let them know your values, your vision for the business, your motivations and even the little things like your quirks.

Step 3: Communicate your preference.

Tell your EA your non-negotiable preferences. For instance, create a list of those VIP clients or prospects that you personally want to communicate with. Then give your EA freedom over the rest.

Step 4: Allow training to be ongoing.

The training is more of a continual conversation. Every interaction is a learning opportunity for them to learn how to respond like you.



Teach Your EA to Walk Your Walk

Once you’ve trained your EA well enough, you’ll feel so much more empowered to focus on the work that only YOU can do – knowing that your communication and relationships are in great hands with them. 

If you want to learn more about hiring and training EAs, check out the Diary of a Doer Podcast