Are you nearing the point of exhaustion because of everything you’re doing in your business?

Perhaps it’s time to do a bit of introspection to make sure you’re actually not micromanaging stuff.

The truth is you feel like you need to be busy to be productive when busy-ness actually doesn’t have to do with success. 

Here are four lies that can be keeping your schedules overwhelmed:


Lie #1: Time off equals laziness.

Time off does not equal laziness, but not taking time off is reckless to your health and to your performance. Give yourself permission to rest and to actually schedule rest into your calendar. 

Lie #2: I must do what my mentors are doing.

Your calendars need to shift in the season of life that you’re in and that is okay. Know that your mentors aren’t perfect either and they do not have everything figured out so they also don’t always know what’s best for you.

Lie #3: It’s my company. I can’t afford to not be busy.

You need to be busy at needle-moving activities. The more focus you get on your priorities, the better you can delegate and eliminate other distractions. 

Lie #4: I am the only that can do it. 

When your calendars are gridlocked with appointments and work, you are on the fast track to burnout. When you’re exhausted and you’re near collapse, you don’t perform as well as you think you do. 


3 Action Items to Free Up Your Sched

Finally, free up your calendar by doing these three action points: First, be consistent with your stop times. Second, meditate. Reflection really becomes your best friend as you become busy to take care of yourself. And third, theme your days to create structure in your schedule.

If you want to learn more about empowering your EAs to help you free up some space on your calendar, check out the Diary of a Doer Podcast.