As a business owner, traveling could simply add to your stressors.

Not to mention the decision fatigue that you could probably be suffering from – what with all the decisions you need to be making every day!

So here are four ways to improve how you travel. (This is something your executive assistant can help you with as well so travel becomes more manageable!)


4 Ways to Manage Your Travel Better

1. Document your process.

This prevents you from having to reinvent the wheel every single time you travel. Documenting your processes can be as simple as creating a Google Doc labeled Travel and then you can fill in your preferences. 

2. Plan what you can control. 

You may not have control over when your flight arrives, but you can plan what to do while waiting at the terminal. Plan your travel time as intentionally as you do when you’re at the office or at home. Planning ahead doesn’t mean that you don’t make time for flow and for recovery. When you plan in advance, you give yourself the opportunity to prioritize rest and recovery. 

3. Look at your travel plans from the point of view of the entire year. 

You need to zoom out to see exactly how many days a year you’re traveling to know the true value of that time. Do this so you won’t miss the big picture as to how these decisions you make can actually affect your year as a whole.

4. Anticipate your needs and get as many perks from travel as you can.

An executive assistant or a travel concierge is a wonderful resource to work with when you’re traveling because they’ll help you protect your time. 

Finally, you should strive to get what you want or need, even if it costs a little more money. Even if that means paying extra money to work with a travel concierge and to feel taken care of, do it. The money is worth it. Take advantage of any service that can give you better seating, faster boarding, or complimentary food and drinks wherever you can get them.


Make Travels Fun and Easy!

Travel does not have to be a headache. With a set process in place, you can definitely have an absolutely seamless travel experience – only if you choose to. 

If you have some more questions about how an EA can help you with creating your travel plans, check out the Diary of a Doer Podcast