During times of chaos or crisis, do you find yourself taking a pause? 

Or would you choose to pivot?

Here are some strategies to help you pivot you and your business during times of stress and distress:

  1. Feel the chaos. 

Try to assess what’s going on around you. Take a pause and take an inventory of how you’re feeling. Be aware of how you’re reacting. Allow yourself to go through the grieving process.

  1. Find opportunity in crisis.

Begin to calm your mind and recognize opportunities around you. How can you show up to provide value to others and serve others? What value can you bring? Look into who you want to serve, what do you serve, what do you really want to do, and just really get into that. 

  1. Align with your passions.

Look back to your eight-year-old self, who did you want to be? What did the energy of that taste like, feel like? Connect to that. How true is that in your life right now? How aligned are you? Getting in alignment with what you really want to do is actually going to give you way more energy. 

  1. Now is the best time to innovate.

Have discussions with others about innovation and creativity. Bring unique solutions to ordinary problems.

  1. Be curious like an eight-year-old kid.

Keep moving and stay curious about what is possible because this is the path to innovation.

If you want to learn more about how to pivot and find opportunity in crisis, check out the Diary of a Doer Podcast.