Here are three ways to make your digital communication more authentic as well as traditional modes you can re-implement in your business. 

This way, you can satisfy your very real need for connection while still getting the job done. 


1. Get creative and personal with your touchpoints.

The handwritten note is not dead. It could take you less than 10 minutes a day to write a note to one person every day and drop it in a mail. Imagine the impact this has on a prospect or a member of your team, or a relative and a friend. 

In marketing, direct mailers are becoming popular again. They are making a comeback. Try sending videos and text messages – anything to get their attention. But it has to be personal. 

Truly connect not for the sake of making a sale – but for the sake of actually knowing and serving your community. 

There’s also magic in doing in-person meetings. 

Technology is crippling our real-life connections because all of us are hiding behind it. It’s no wonder we shy away from in-person meetings because you can’t edit yourself. But you are who you are – blemishes and all. 

Try to opt for setting up a Zoom meeting with a member of a team instead of a standard Slack message. 


2. Do something to combat the temptation to hide, to edit, to perform.

In today’s world, metrics validate us to people we don’t know. And that sucks but that’s just the reality. 

When you share your story, this allows your community to find you and for you to find your community. If you’re presenting a false image, you’re never going to attract your people. 

Being authentic is what’s going to help you build your tribe. 


3. Go to places you can see people (once the COVID-19 pandemic is over of course!). 

Go out of the house and work from somewhere else. Isolating yourself is just terrible. We all have our own version of solitary confinement. But we can’t go on like this forever.

Host an annual team retreat if you run a virtual office. Invite someone in your network to have virtual coffee with you.

If you want to learn more about creating authentic connections with your clients and your team, check out the Diary of a Doer Podcast