Do you wonder if your fans or your clients or your team will remain loyal to your business if you don’t appear to have it all put together? 

We all have our own story to tell – you do.

And this is your absolute truth!

But there are barriers that hold us from telling our truth and it’s important for us to recognize these so we can foster self-awareness.



The Barriers in Sharing Our Truth


1. The fear of judgment, shame, or backlash

A lot feels at stake to be so transparent. We’re afraid of shame. We don’t want people to argue against us. We want people to like us. But know this: 

Your story isn’t for everyone. 

Some people will not respect it and some people will use it as ammo against you or as a way to reinforce the negative things that you already believe about yourself. But it shouldn’t stop you. 

There is freedom in knowing that you are not going to be for everybody. Your truth will not always be well-received and your truth may offend or make someone uncomfortable. But accept that we are not for everybody.


2. We don’t know who to share our truth with or how to share it.

It doesn’t mean that if you’re not going viral, you’re not really sharing your truth in an impactful way. If you are a thought leader who’s turning your truth into a core message for the stage or deciding to be vulnerable in a Facebook post, craft your message for the one. 

Create a persona in your head for the ideal person who absolutely needs to hear your truth. Having a single specific person in mind helps you get your message on track and stay true to your values. 



Your Responsibility to Share Your Truth


Here’s your challenge:

Find boldness and share your absolute truth with just one person today. Whether it’s an encouraging message or a virtual lunch with your colleagues or a phone call with a friend or simply by deciding to drop the facade to be your authentic self – whatever that is!

When you finally allow yourself to honor and to protect your truth, you can feel it deeply and choose to share it lovingly. 

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