Have you ever dreamed of being up on stage to deliver a message but you don’t actually know where to start?

What should you be talking about?

How can you stand out when everybody seems to be doing the same?

How much should you charge for?

If your goal is to become a successful public speaker and you want to really pursue speaking as a business, our guest today will show you how to get there.

Grant Baldwin is a “normal” guy from Tennessee who began his career as a youth pastor. He then pivoted to launch a successful speaking career even without a crazy backstory or a celebrity following.

Grant has now established himself as a popular keynote speaker. 

He’s the founder and CEO of SpeakerLab.com, a training company for speakers and the curator of the popular podcast The Speaker Lab. He runs an online training program called Booked and Paid to Speak where he has already trained thousands of speakers. 

Grant is the author of the book The Successful Speaker, which is filled with Grant’s experience and advice whether you’re a brand new speaker or you’ve been in the circuit for a while and you just need help increasing your bookings and fees.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How to get started and why you can’t cast a wide net in speaking to everyone
  • How to stand out and differentiate yourself on stage
  • How to know what specific topics people are going to pay you to come to talk about
  • How you can be a better speaker right away
  • You as the steakhouse (not the buffet) and your talk as the signature dish
  • Instances where you can probably speak for free

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