The topic of mental health is something we try to shove under the rug. But Megan Rafuse, MSW RSW believes we are enough just as we are. Megan is a therapist, registered social worker, and co-founder of Shift Collab, a healthcare company in Canada offering therapy and mental wellness education.

In this episode, you’ll hear why Megan believes we as founders are good enough just as we are, and need to stop chasing “I’ll only be good enough if…”

She explains how to operate in our world from a place of wholeness and addresses Imposter Syndrome, when we doubt our accomplishments or fear being seen as a fraud. 

Megan also breaks down how to normalize conversations about mental health in the workplace (including virtual) by listening for “invitations.” She reminds us that “it’s not our job to fix, but to be present and ask, ‘what do you think you need?’ because often, people are already thinking about solutions. 

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