It used to be so hard for me to think that my story of growing up in a blue collar home, wearing knock-off Keds and learning life lessons from the school of hardknocks would ever be relevant to my life as a business owner.

But according to today’s guest on Diary of a Doer, Marc Gutman, our stories are critical to developing trust with potential clients and customers. Marc is a storyteller extraordinaire, and founder of WILDSTORY, a storytelling and content strategy shop. Marc says, “If you’re not telling your story, and telling it emotionally, someone else is probably telling it for you — poorly.”

In this episode, you’ll hear Marc share how he re-wrote his own story, from working in Hollywood, to breaking out as an entrepreneur and opening his own brand consultancy.

We discuss how emotional and authentic storytelling can change the way people feel about you and your brand. Because while products, services and facts are important to business, it is stories that connect us and ultimately sell. Marc says, “story is how we come together…it’s hardwired to how we communicate.”

He adds, “Stories shape not only what we believe but how we shape relationships.”

Marc also sheds light on how his process of storytelling is unique, how to avoid thinking about your story as a “pity party,” and lastly, what stories you shouldn’t share.

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