Public speaking is a great opportunity for leaders to spread their core message and galvanize a following. And as much as I love it — I’m terrified of public speaking! Go figure!

I thought as time went on I would be less afraid, but it turns out I still get anxiety. If you struggle with public speaking, but want to take the leap, this episode is for you.

In this episode, you’ll hear how to work through the fear while “doing it scared,” my tips and best practices for being on stage, and how speaking can serve you as a leader.

My introduction to the world of public speaking is anything but glamorous. In fact, it was a real shit show. You’ll hear that story, and the 5 things I learned from that experience that serve me every time I step on stage.

Speaking and leadership really go hand in hand because it’s a way to connect, educate, inspire and challenge. And isn’t that what we do with our teams every day?

Speaking has taught me that leading, whether on a Zoom call to a small team, or an audience of one, or 450, is about talking to one person. It’s not about our team, or the audience, connecting with us. It’s about me connecting with THEM. 

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Resources Mentioned:

Pete Vargas “Stage to Scale” method


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