Every entrepreneur likes to think they are unique — but we actually have a lot in common. Today we explore those commonalities in the 4 types of business owners. As a bonus, you can take an interactive quiz we created to find out your business owner type and learn about the ideal team and resources you need (based on your type) to be successful. 

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  1. The Live-In-the-Now
  2. The Moderate
  3. The Growth-Minded
  4. The Non-Conformist

Be comforted, there is no “best type.” We cover the strengths and shortcomings of each, and outline the type of people you should surround yourself with based on your leadership style. 

In the words of Aristotle, knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Delegation is far easier when we know ourself before attempting to work with others.

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Take the Quiz: What Type of Business Owner Are You?

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