Many CEOs today run their own company, but also serve as their own brand. 

This is a natural next step for CEOs with a message to share, and a desire to inspire, educate and serve peers in their industry.

To amplify their reach and influence, CEOs should enlist the help of an assistant, serving as an Executive Promoter.

An Executive Promoter is a trusted brand ambassador and reputation manager. They drive sales, marketing, and relationship building, and speak on behalf of the executive to multiply their reach and resonance. 

Executive Promoters are a secret weapon for CEOs who need help developing thought leadership and nurturing their online and in-person relationships. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How the unique role of an Executive Promoter can uplevel your presence and influence as a thought leader and help you galvanize a following
  • The benefits of having separation from brand and reputation management as the business owner
  • The value Executive Promoters bring to in-person events and networking opportunities to magnify your presence
  • The metrics you need to quantify success — and practical tips for staying on the same page as your EA!

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