Do you ever feel like you could throw a rock and hit a webinar or a coach advertising “how to find your passion or purpose?” 

The internet is filled with Venn Diagrams about the intersection of what you love, with what the world needs, what you can get paid for and your strengths. 

They make it sound so easy right?

But that is not the reality. Even if we have “discovered” our purpose, if we don’t make the time to actually do it, we’re no better off than we were before. 

In this episode, you’ll hear 8 barriers that keep us from creating and sustaining massive momentum in our business, and how we can overcome them so we can do what we were created to do and get paid for it. 

Waiting “until,” struggling to ask for help, not sure what to let go of… these are just some of the barriers that entrepreneurs struggle with every day.

The result is working in a business at the expense of our sanity, when we should be working in our genius and scaling our company.

If we’re willing to fight for our passions by starting our own business, we should be willing to fight for this work while we’re in our business. 

Listen now to find out all 8 barriers and how you can get back to the work you love, while achieving the scale you desire. 

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