Not every attempt at working with an Executive Assistant goes according to plan. 

When they fall short of expectations or miss deadlines, it puts pressure back on you as a Leader to get the work done or correct mistakes. 

It can also make you reluctant to delegate again in the future.

Lauren Pawell had just such an experience. However, her understanding of the value of an EA made her willing to put her trust in someone new.

Lauren helps entrepreneurs generate, nurture and qualify more leads online through high-impact marketing efforts. She has been featured in Copyblogger and as a guest expert in 90 Day Year Live, Freshbooks and LeadPages. 

Lauren shares her experience on the podcast today of being a “recovering control freak” and how she’s learned to properly communicate expectations with her EA.

Even after a bad experience, Lauren’s willingness to work with a new EA has helped her relieve stress and focus on impactful areas of her business.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Lauren learned to stop viewing Executive Assistants as exclusive to  “fancy executives.” 
  • The process Lauren followed to discover what ONLY SHE could do to make an impact on her business. 
  • The valuable lesson Lauren learned after an EA didn’t deliver, but why she’s willing to trust a new EA.
  • Ways that Lauren communicates and troubleshoots with her EA and casts vision.
  • Areas of traction or momentum gained in her business by delegating and outsourcing.

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