Every week I talk about the benefits of delegation and how Executive Virtual Assistants are an Executive’s secret weapon. 

I decided it’s about time we heard from one.

This week, my part-time therapist, full-time comedic relief and all round lifesaver, Kim, joins me to give you a look behind the scenes of being an EA on a distributed team. 

In this episode, you’ll hear what EAs need to be successful and how we work together to get stuff done without making each other crazy. 

Kim shares her story of getting up to speed in the role, and handling the big learning curves. 

She also shares what she needs to feel approval in her role, which in her case, are words of affirmation.

The lesson here for executives is not to treat people the way we need to be treated, but to treat them the way they need to be treated. 

Take the time to learn how your team receives affirmation.

We also talk about how we resolve conflict, even as total personality opposites, and why it’s important as the leader to go to bat for your team.

“There is security knowing you have my back,” says Kim. 

We also discuss the importance of transparency and how as leaders, we can call potential out of our EAs they didn’t know they had, but they will also point out our blindspots!

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