Most weeks, Diary of a Doer is a podcast aimed toward entrepreneurs, founders and business folks in the midst of building their business. But today’s episode is actually for your assistant, or second in command. And it’s totally OK if you don’t have an assistant. This episode will still help you know what to look for in an assistant, and how they should show up for you.

I really want you (assistants) to walk away from today’s episode feeling more confident, and knowing how to get more done in less time. You’ll learn how to rise to a level of ownership you never imagined, and hopefully, feel empowered.

If right now you’re struggling to work with a scattered CEO who won’t let go of tasks, changes their mind ALL the time, gives half-baked information so you’re not exactly what to do next, and doesn’t communicate well, congratulations — that is ABSOLUTELY normal. You may be feeling like a jack-of-all trades just trying to make sense of the chaos, but today we’re going to break down your role so you can create a bit of structure for both you and your client.

In this episode, you’ll hear the three primary roles you can perform for your clients.

  • Role #1: Protect their time: This is all about managing their calendars, being proactive to know when they operate at their peak performance, and learning about the Goal of Zero Inbox.
  • Role #2: Protect their confidence: I explain how taking tasks off your client’s plate that you know they’re not good at, or handling a problem before it needs to cross their mind, is all part of protecting your client’s confidence.
  • Role #3: Remove obstacles: When you put in extra effort at the beginning of the relationship to learn your client’s preferences, or to get the most information at the beginning of a project, you can really make an impact and exceed their expectations.

Lastly, I break down five core values to guide your work (the very same values we believe in at Priority VA) as well as three keys to effective communication to affirm, comfort and protect your client relationship.

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The Goal of Zero Inbox

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