It’s not uncommon for us as business owners to confuse our ownership with our leadership. Unfortunately, those two things are not the same. 

Ownership is responsibility for the outcome. Leadership is responsibility to get there.

Another key difference is vision. It is possible to own something and not have vision for it. 

In this episode, you’ll hear how to navigate these two roles, and why serving as a trusted leader is imperative to our team and business’ success. 

We created this phrase “Trusted Leader” because many business owners strive to build a team they can trust. For that to happen, we must be leaders worth trusting!

A Trusted Leader leads with undeniable integrity. They are in the trenches with their team and with their clients. 

Trusted Leaders cast vision and articulate it effectively. They delegate and empower their team to do more than they thought possible.

To be a Trusted Leader, you allow your team to step IN so you can step OUT. This is how we get out of the weeds and get back to refining our systems, strategies and processes to scale.

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