Many entrepreneurs are used to doing it all. To get our business off the ground, we may have had to learn systems or processes on the fly because it was cheaper, easier and faster than hiring someone to do it for us!

But after a while, we start to feel like the Doer in our own business and lose sight of what exactly we should be doing. 

In this episode, you’ll hear the 5 reasons why even the most multi-talented entrepreneurs who can do it all shouldn’t do it all, and why we should delegate. 

Ego, false humility, unworthiness, being the doer and not knowing what to do all keep us working in the business when we should be working on the business. 

It boils down to this. If we spend so much of our time doing things we’re just competent at, it doesn’t leave much time for things we are EXCELLENT at.

When we are dialed into the activities that ONLY WE can do, we are operating in our momentum zone, and driving the business forward.

If you need additional help identifying which aspects of your business to work on (instead of in), take our Free Momentum Assessment. It only takes about 5 minutes!

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