Most of us say we want to lead with Truth, Trust and Integrity…but do we really?

These words can make our eyes glaze over because we hear them so often in corporate settings. 

But in order for our organization and team to embody these values, we must live them out in our own lives. 

We can never ask our team to do something that we wouldn’t do. We need to own our mistakes, and deliver on our promises.

We need to serve as a Leader worth trusting, to be able to develop a team we can trust. 

I don’t often say “the truth will set you free” (although I believe it), but I do say, “truth moves you.” 

In fact, “Truth that Moves You” and “Undeniable Integrity” are two of Priority VA’s core values.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The benefit to holding a mirror up to our company to see it for what it REALLY is — blemishes and all!
  • How to serve with integrity as a Leader.
  • The impact of leading with truth and trust on team performance.
  • The importance of fostering trust with clients (and the startling statistic to back it up!)
  • The shocking experience that taught me why I will NEVER act like my business is perfect.

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