Some people are born to be entrepreneurs. Others are a bit more hesitant to dive in. Today’s guest on Diary of a Doer calls himself “the reluctant entrepreneur.” Paul Sjoberg is the founder of True North Realty and Leverage Information Technologies. He is also the author of Three Action Thursday, a weekly blog about personal development, personal finance education and building authentic relationships.

Put simply, Paul drops value bombs wherever he goes. Whether that’s in his personal life, action-packed blog, or in a live event talk he gave recently at the Western Maryland I.T. Center of Excellence for Tech at the Gap: Igniting Innovation ‘18.

In this episode, you’ll hear Paul’s journey into entrepreneurship and how he learned early on that the secret to success is to have a “servant heart” in leadership.

“Those who have a servant heart in leadership are those who seem to get it returned tenfold.”

When Paul noticed people’s lack of drive in personal development, personal finance education, and authentic relationships, he developed his blog, Three Action Thursday, to help people deepen themselves. Paul views these three areas of life as a Venn diagram, rather than silos.

“You have to push yourself in each of the three categories and keep the ball rolling in each of them,” he says.

Every day, Paul strives to be a better person than the day before. In today’s episode, he explains how a personal audits, listening to audiobooks, and planning for the future contributes to success.

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