Traveling can be addictive, well, at least, it is for me.

But traveling can just be as stressful as running a business too.

Especially when you’re a control freak, traveling can quickly add up to decision fatigue, which most business owners suffer from.

One of the best examples of beating decision fatigue is Steve Jobs. He used to wear a black turtleneck every day so there was one less decision he had to make every morning, leaving that brainpower for being creative.

The same goes for traveling. Do away with the cause of stress from travel to make room for more rest and relaxation.

Today, I’m giving you four tips that will transform your travel experience so you can enjoy the process a little bit more!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • 2 reasons that can make travel so stressful
  • 4 ways to manage your travel better
  • What it means to have to pay extra when traveling
  • How your EA can help you with your travel plan and arrangements

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