Counting our time should not be any different than counting our money. But unlike money, we can never get more time.

In the six years I’ve owned Priority VA, I’ve changed a lot with how I structure my time. I never thought that I could be just as successful today operating at Inbox Zero, and logging off every day at 3:30 to cook dinner for my family and help my daughters with homework. 

In this episode, you’ll hear my top 5 outcomes for managing your calendar. 

I introduce the idea that “if it isn’t scheduled, it isn’t real,” and that our calendars should be the “single source of truth” for our day.

This episode also unpacks how to maximize your calendar as a tool while still making room for flow.  I also discuss the value of our “yes” and how to count the cost of our time. 

Managing our calendar is one way to focus us on the systems and strategies we need to scale our business. If you don’t know what aspects of your business you need to scale, take our FREE Momentum Assessment. 

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