As we come to the end of a year, it feels natural to start thinking about how we can change things for the better in the coming year.

    It’s the typical time for taking stock of what worked in business and our personal lives, and I want to harness that energy and make sure we do something with these realizations. 

    Today I’m talking all about how we can make sure we are protected and supported by putting our guardrails in place – not sure what I mean? Listen in and thank me later!

    In today’s episode, we discuss:  

    1. What guardrails are and why you need them
    2. The importance of looking at your needs a whole, not just in business
    3. How our desire for control can actually leave us more vulnerable than ever
    4. How to assess where you are currently, and how to future proof your needs
    5. Simple ways you will never have never thought of to improve your day to day


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