Today we’re talking about something I suffer from every. Damn. day. It is DECISION FATIGUE.

The longer I lead, the more I get why some people wear black T-Shirts and jeans every single day. It’s so they have the bandwidth to decide what book cover they want, or what to name their next masterclass.

It’s hard making decisions all day, every day.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity that we don’t have every answer, I’m going to challenge us to consider…

Maybe decision fatigue isn’t about the decision at all. Maybe it’s a symptom of insecurity, or a lack of accountability. Or, the fact that you haven’t eaten in 9 hours, or you haven’t had a break all day.

In today’s episode you’ll hear:

  • How INSECURITY can cause decision fatigue
  • 5 ideas for OVERCOMING mental blocks that keep you from solving problems
  • Why you need to create SPACE for strategic thinking

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