To be an effective leader, you need to set goals, have a vision, strategize, and communicate.

But just a quick question – in all of the time that you spend attending workshops, webinars, or masterminds to improve those skills, how much of that same effort is spent on improving your emotional intelligence? 

Do you even know what emotional intelligence means, to begin with?

Emotional intelligence accounts for 67% of the abilities necessary for exemplary leadership performance. Hard skills alone no longer determine a candidate’s right fit for a leadership role and what made the difference was their soft skills.

Today, I want to share why emotional intelligence should be on your radar as a leader. I’m going to dive into how it helps you, your team, and your company go further as well as some practical tips to help you grow in this area. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What emotional intelligence is and why you should care
  • Symptoms of low emotional intelligence
  • The 3 types of brain function
  • Why it serves you to acknowledge your past trauma
  • The 4-step strategy that helps you move back to high brain function
  • 5 simple strategies to grow your emotional intelligence 

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