Have you ever been told to surround yourself with people who disagree with you? 

Or are you this headstrong leader who’s not open to other people’s ideas? 

You may view disagreement as a form of dissension and disrespect, and worry this might undermine your vision. 

But as leaders, we have to be open to people disagreeing with us. You want people who disagree with you because iron sharpens iron. 

If we’re left unchecked, we can lead with some blinders on. 

Sparks will fly for sure – but in the end, we will have a sharper focus and an impact as a business.

Today, I will talk about how you can set up a framework for how you can share disagreement within your team in a healthy, productive way. 

A person isn’t wrong, simply because they disagree. It’s usually a sign that there needs to be more communication – and once that conversation takes place, progress can happen.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why we need people who disagree with us
  • Areas of disagreement in your business
  • How to facilitate healthy disagreement with your team
  • How to intentionally build a team of diverse minds who complement your personality and share your values

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