Let’s be honest, consistency is one of the hardest things in life. 

I admit… I’ve struggled with this my entire life!

I’m a quick starter. I can start out of the gate – like super amazing fast! Whether it’s exercise or diet or working on a project. 

But then I fade pretty quickly.

And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one struggling with making a new habit stick for good. 

Believe it or not, the problem might be that you’re not thinking small enough. 

You can actually develop a habit in less than 5 days!

My guest today is Linda Fogg-Phillips. She’s an author, speaker, consultant and mom of eight. Linda is also the director of Tiny Habits Academy, a program that teaches people how to create new, lasting habits quickly and easily using the science-based method called Tiny Habits® that was created by her brother, Dr. BJ Fogg

Be sure to stick around so you can learn the secrets to developing better routines for a better personal life and a better work environment!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The Fogg Behavior Model explained
  • The 3 parts of the Tiny Habits® recipe
  • How long it takes to create a habit
  • The celebration blitz, swarm of behaviors, and focused mapping
  • Applying the Tiny Habits® method to your team

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