Practical strategies for businesses, thought leaders, and influencers who want to determine the next steps in their business and grow.

5 Reasons People Become Bad Leaders

Bad leaders aren’t born bad. Neither do they wake up in the morning wanting to do a bad job.

However, if left unchecked, poor leadership is a workplace contagion that can be felt throughout the whole organization. It’s likely to spread and inspire others to engage in bad practices themselves.

And this ultimately results in low morale, lack of direction, poor performance, and mismanaged resources.

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Are You Leading By Accident, or By Design?

Are you the one who wants to be in the weeds and wants to do the planning and problem-solving?

Or are you the type who wants to cast a vision and strategize for the future?

The former describes the role of a manager, while the latter describes the role of a leader.

You can be both in your company – but you don’t have to be.

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How Your Irrational Mind Will Take You Where You Want to Go

As leaders, we all have our moments of drought – whether you’re not booking enough sales calls or you’re not growing as fast as your peers.

However, at some point, you need to be able to dig the ditches for when the rain will come. Because it will certainly come – if you truly believe!

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How to Build the Perfect Team

Building a team isn’t a linear journey, nor is it as easy as a + b = c. There are certain things you need to do to make sure you’ve got the right team to help you with your business.

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5 Ways to Create a Culture of Accountability in Your Organization

We all desire momentum in our business. We want traction toward our goals. But momentum and direction are not enough.

The challenge is being able to stay on course and to redirect when you’ve lost your footing. That’s why you need to foster a culture of accountability in your daily operations.

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How to Build a Business You Really Want

Have you been too busy heeding the advice of other leaders, gurus, and influencers that you’ve forgotten what you really wanted for your business? Or have you been doing everything they said but you’re still not getting the results you wanted?

Trying to chase every new fad or every best practice to come on the scene is like riding a neverending roller coaster. Don’t get so caught up in playing the role you think you have to play that you end up losing more and more of who you are in the process.

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