When we practice using our voice and knowing that some things are “No” for just right now, we create space and room in our lives for the things we really want. 

But what keeps people from following their intuition in knowing when to say hell no or hell yes?


3 Pesky Barriers That Keep You From Following Your Intuition 


  1. Fear of missing out

As a business owner, this barrier is magnified because we feel like we can’t afford to say no to a new opportunity. The truth is, you’re going to miss some opportunities. But you will create space for the right ones. 

  1. Lack of confidence

Not everything can be solved with data or an expert point of view. Your hell yes, or your hell no takes absolute practice. Also, if our instinct is different from a mentor or the expert opinion that we follow. It’s hard to feel confident in your voice or decision when others are saying the exact opposite. 

  1. Fear of decisiveness

We think about all the what-ifs so we end up staying in our comfort zone. But that won’t get us anywhere. Saying no doesn’t mean forever. It means not right now. This is a great compromise because it gives you space to think and to process if a decision feels rushed. 

Once you learn when to say hell no and hell yes and focus on doing what’s right for you, you begin to create space for joy and lead a more consistent life. You start to overcome your fears and your team culture changes. As a leader, it’s your job to steer the ship and to cast vision. But it’s also your responsibility to align your people with your vision. In order to align your people with your vision, you’ve got to get your team to buy into your vision.

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