As leaders, we all have our moments of drought – whether you’re not booking enough sales calls or you’re not growing as fast as your peers. 

However, at some point, you need to be able to dig the ditches for when the rain will come. Because it will certainly come – if you truly believe!

The Influencing Power of the Subconscious Mind

Our conscious mind is our current awareness while our subconscious mind is like the part of the iceberg under the water. It’s our unseen guidance system. It’s like a database for our memories, our skills, and our beliefs.

Tap into what you believe and hold it in your subconscious mind because this will impact how you think and how you act with your conscious mind – even if it seems irrational. 

How to Stay Present and Improve Your Performance

When you fixate on being better, your thoughts are stuck in the future. You’re not operating in the present. Because it takes you out of the now, this way of operating keeps you from performing at your best right now. Pull your dream from the future into the present. 

Believe and act as if you already have it! 

The Law of Attraction

Whatever your thoughts are, they will materialize into reality. Therefore, focusing on the negativity will only attract more negativity into your life. While focusing on positive thoughts will reap positivity and abundance.

Here’s a powerful exercise you can practice each day: Write a gratitude list of the things that have not happened yet that you want to attract into your life. I don’t mean to sound too woo-woo, but just watch how the magic unfolds!

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