Did you know you can actually build habits in five days or less?

Dr. BJ Fogg, director of the Behavioral Design Lab at Stanford University, has created a science-based method called Tiny Habits®. Together with Linda Fogg-Phillips, they’ve created the Tiny Habits Academy, a program that teaches people how to create new, lasting habits quickly and easily.


Here are the 3 main parts of the Tiny Habits® recipe:


1. The anchor moment

It’s an existing routine that acts as a prompt that tells you to do the tiny behavior. 

2. The tiny behavior

This takes 30 seconds or less to complete a tiny habit. If you want it to be bigger behavior, it will organically grow to be the size that you want it to be. But you’ve got to start really small, specifically with 30 seconds or less. 

3. The instant celebration

Emotions create habits. The strength of the emotion helps you create that habit much more quickly. So the stronger the emotion, the faster that behavior becomes automatic. 

Be kind to yourself. Don’t be so critical. Life is a journey. Changing behaviors and creating habits is a process. Celebrate and learn how to attach positive emotions, not just to your habits, but everything that you do during the day.

If you want to learn more about how to improve your life by creating and changing tiny habits, check out the Diary of a Doer Podcast