Are there any big, audacious goals on your bucket list that you still haven’t done because you’re too afraid of failing?

Sure, you could trip and fall many times – whether that means only three people showed up at your first webinar or you didn’t get that deal of a lifetime, whatever that may be – but falling is not failing. 

Here are five lessons you need to know each time you fall:

  1. Do things even if you’re not going to be the best. 

Sometimes, we can have this mentality that if we can’t be first, then we don’t want to play at all. This is a childish response that we bring into adulthood and this needs to stop. Be comfortable with putting our ideas out there to see what works and what doesn’t. Let this motivate you to keep pushing for a better outcome. 

  1. Showing up for yourself is an investment that pays off. 

The problem with wanting to serve others all the time is that we can put ourselves on the back burner and ultimately lose everything. Serving is a lot like the rule we learn on airplanes – put on your own oxygen mask first, and then help others with theirs. How are you showing up for yourself? What do you need to start or stop doing? 

  1. You either succeed or you learn there is no failure. 

Success means taking a step toward it. This flashlight of action will illuminate your next steps and it will show you the potholes on the road. 

  1. You can’t compare apples with airplanes. 

Stop comparing yourself with others because your life is your race, not someone else’s. It’s easy to get jealous, to feel inadequate, or to compare yourself to those people. But don’t compare your success to other’s success. 

  1. Don’t train in isolation. 

Try to find a community of people that you trust, like a mastermind group, to take your problems, to celebrate your wins, and to ask questions when you’re stuck. Find your tribe. Find your people. Understand that your strength is in your vulnerability and you’re as strong as the people you surround yourself with. 

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