As leaders, we have to be open to people disagreeing with us. But it is important that we set up a framework for how you can share disagreement within your team.

1. Make your team heard.

Make sure your team feels heard. Take the time to stew on their ideas or their suggestions before dismissing them.

2. Let your team present their ideas.

Let your team present their ideas to you, show data and facts, and why they arrived at their decision. Ask for a plan on how they wish to implement it. This way, you’re able to make a sound decision objectively. 

3. Come back to your values.

You can disagree all you want, but whatever you choose, needs to be in alignment with your core values. This is a good way to recalibrate your discussion so everything circles back into your clients rather than your ego or your desire to be right.  

4. Engage in constructive dialogue.

Be willing to ask. Is there anything you could have done differently to explain your position? 

5. Take a break, especially if the discussion is getting heated.

Sometimes it’s better to table a discussion if you can’t come to common ground on a particular topic. Whenever you table something, make sure you set a time for the next discussion and then commit to coming to the table with solutions, not just complaints.

6. Have a solution and be prepared to explain your why.

Another way to practically disagree is to be prepared to explain your why. A person isn’t wrong simply because they disagree. It’s usually a sign that there needs to be more communication and once that conversation takes place, progress can happen.

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