A teammate’s ability to take root and blossom in our workplace has a LOT to do with the environment we CREATE for them.

If someone doesn’t make the cut — they might be a bad seed — but we MIGHT be bad gardeners.

Today I’m going to unpack this simple yet POWERFUL mindset shift that will help you retain and CULTIVATE positive relationships with your team.

I’m also going to be super transparent about something in my life I haven’t really talked about before, so I appreciate your willingness to listen and receive me as I am — messiness and all.

In today’s episode you’ll hear:

– How, just like a garden, what you put into your team relationships, you will get OUT of them. 
– How to create space for your team to THRIVE
– What we can do right now as Leaders to CULTIVATE a new teammate’s success
– Ways to NOURISH your team, remove weeds and BE a better gardener or Leader

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