I read a 2020 study that said 90 percent of employees would leave an employer who did not show empathy. Can you believe that? 90 percent! That could determine if most of your talents stay or goes, whether you can lead with empathy.

Paying attention to HOW we lead is more important than ever, as it is having a monumental impact on this industry.

I see three trends shaping the future of Executive Assistants that you’ll want to know.

Whether you are listening as a leader or as an Executive Assistant, you will get a lot from this conversation.

Leaders — I hope what you hear today broadens your understanding of how you can relate with your EA. I hope it strengthens trust, connection and positively influences your company culture by giving you behavior to model for your team.

EAs — You will have plenty of actionable advice after this episode. I hope it challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone or to feel confident in the skills you already possess. It may also encourage a conversation you’ve been meaning to have with your CEO, which could be the start of a deeper, more trusting relationship.

Don’t underestimate the potential of your relationship with an EA.

In this episode, you will hear:
– The three trends shaping Execs and EAs in detail
– A little bit about idealteamate.com- a free resource to help you find your perfect teammate!
– Weekly challenge- this one is tough!

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If you want to learn more about emotional intelligence in leadership, check out episode 96. I dedicated the entire episode to it.