I’m pretty lucky that I can put on an alter ego like nobody’s business and be “on” when I need to. It’s a learned skill, perfected over time when I had to fill a role bigger than I was.

It’s not always the healthiest choice, but it’s served me well many times.

Unfortunately, there are some learned skills that never leave us. Like being able to be “on” and appear confident, when inside, we feel like an insecure teenager. 

Today, we’re talking about imposter syndrome, the insidious small voice inside that makes us question the validity of our success, or like an accidental entrepreneur. Imposter syndrome invites us to believe we are unworthy and that we don’t belong.

In today’s episode you’ll hear:

– The lies that Imposter Syndrome whispers to even the most accomplished business leaders
– What I call “the belief window” and how it affects our ability to RECEIVE praise
– My experience with Imposter Syndrome and how I reconcile that I DO belong
– Why working hard and NOT doing everything yourself does NOT make you a fraud

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