A lot of executives often seem to overlook the soft, intangible qualities when hiring an EA. These are the ones that actually determine whether an EA is good, or truly exceptional.

Here are the 4 qualities to look for in an EA (if you want them to spell SUCCESS for you!):

  1. Embodying confidence, not cockiness

Confident EA’s don’t hesitate to act when something needs to be done on your behalf. However, they should also be humble enough to admit when they’re wrong and be willing to ask for help when they don’t know the answer. 

  1. Anticipating the executive’s needs

Exceptional EA’s do more than is expected and think one step ahead. It then feels like a partnership because you’re operating as one unit.

  1. Serving as a gateway instead of a gatekeeper

A gatekeeper only grants access to people if they decide it’s appropriate; whereas, a gateway is someone who can protect you and still be approachable. The focus is more on the buyer rather than you.

  1. Getting inside the executive’s head

Whenever you enter into a relationship with an EA, you have to decide if you want to give them the freedom to do things their own way. Then you have to delegate it, let go, and detach from the outcome.

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