As entrepreneurs, we get so consumed with our laundry list of to-dos and scaling our businesses that, forget the one person we should be focusing on. Ourselves. That’s right, this episode is all about taking care of yourself and how that flows into taking care of your business. I asked my pal, Curtis Christopherson, to share with us how we should treat our bodies like elite athletes if we really want to grow our business.

To this self-proclaimed “fat girl”, the thought of acting like an endurance athlete is pretty terrifying! A while back, Curtis posted a “GIVE” in a Facebook group we’re both a part of. He said he wanted to help some people who were training for a marathon or race. I was nowhere near a marathon. Hell, I wasn’t near a 5k or even a mile long walk in my neighborhood. I messaged him anyway and was honest… I was tired of being fat. That began a friendship that has helped me become a better person.

In this episode, Curtis is going to share tips like when you should eat, how to workout and how it all factors into your productivity each day. Y’all! Curtis is so freaking smart and he taught the simplest and most meaningful mantra that, to this day, has kept me on track in so many areas of my life. After hearing it, you’ll want to adopt it, too!

You’ll also hear about the insane challenges Curtis set up for himself to keep him working toward his own fitness goals while helping others in the process.

As entrepreneurs, we have take care of our bodies in order to take care of your businesses. I believe that to be true and after listening to this episode, my hope is for you to feel inspired to make yourself a priority.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Innovative Fitness
Rad Roller
Reflex Supplements
Oura Ring

Do yourself a favor and start doing Pigeon Pose. It’s saved my life… especially before long flights!

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