Find your headphones because Dr. Cheryl Fraser is talking intimacy, sex and business today on Diary of a Doer. Dr. Cheryl is a Fulbright scholar, sex and love psychologist, columnist for Mindful and Best Health magazine, online entrepreneur, and author of Buddha’s Bedroom: The Mindful Loving Path to Sexual Passion and Lifelong Intimacy

In this episode, you’ll hear Dr. Cheryl help us understand how to balance passion in our relationship while running our business. 

Dr. Cheryl says business can absolutely become our “affair partner” because an affair is any kind of sexual or emotional entanglement that takes emotional energy away from your partner.  

“We’re running after business success, but we run over it with a misconception that when we get the brass ring of success, that we will be happy. Meanwhile you find out your spouse has drifted from you, and you’re surprised!”

She adds: “Work with profound passion. Throw yourself into your business, but throw yourself into your love life at the same time.”

Dr. Cheryl shares the 3 pitfalls to avoid so our relationship doesn’t become a casualty of our business, practical tips for “making the time” with our spouse (like having a sacred ritual in the morning,) speaks to The Passion Triangle, and more.

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