My guest today needs no introduction. You know her, you love her, but probably not as much as I do. Amy Porterfield joins us today ready to talk about authenticity, ditching our “security blankets” and a business transition that ripped her from her comfort zone.

Amy worked with “the big guy,” Tony Robbins, before breaking out on her own to teach Facebook ads. She’s since amassed a cult-like following, an enviable email list, and library of best-selling digital courses that students clamor after.

In this episode, you’ll hear Amy share why she — unlike me — loves change, and how she believes that the only way to grow is by being put in uncomfortable situations. This year, after separating from a long-time business partner, Amy has had to live this belief out in experience and face her insecurities of running a business alone.

Amy also tackles the topic of authenticity, and how it took time for her to be her authentic self on platforms like Facebook live.

“When I first started doing live video, I saw myself holding back, being more professional than I needed to be, holding my tongue. But I think it’s normal to start something like that and not feel totally yourself,” she says.

After years of grappling with self confidence, Amy shares how she’s learned to listen to her gut even when there is push-back — while keeping her ego in check. And after finally learning that she is resilient, Amy shares her reasoning for wanting to fail 100 times this year.

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