Whether you’re new in your business or a seasoned entrepreneur, we all hit different upper limits. 

The faster you can break through them and create new habits, new thoughts, and new beliefs on the other side, the faster you can create that momentum.

However, the biggest disconnect among struggling entrepreneurs is that they don’t understand how mindset impacts their revenue and their profit.

And if you think positive thinking and vision boards are just not cutting it for you, you’re probably right – because it essentially needs more work than that!

Today, we have Kelly Ruta, the Millionaire Mindset Mentor. Kelly is an expert in entrepreneurial mindset mastery. She’s a seasoned psychotherapist turned speaker, mentor, and coach. 

Kelly has taken her clinical training, formal education experience, expertise, and personal healing from the last 27 years to help women create the shifts they need to transform from a bottleneck to a badass in their business. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Who needs to have a mindset coach
  • How your upper limit differs based on where you are in your business journey
  • Why self-help books and vision boards not enough
  • What causes women to be the bottleneck in their businesses
  • How building a team can trigger your trauma
  • How subconscious programming occurs and how to overcome self-sabotage

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