We all have trauma.

And this manifests in so many ways for everyone. 

Some people are loud, some people go introverted. There are those who are depressed, while others are managed. 

And sadly, sometimes the way we let our trauma or life circumstances mess with our heads can also mess with our growth.

This leads to self-sabotage that tramps upon the confidence you were supposedly born with.

My guest today is Rachel Luna. She is the founder and chief confidence creator at RachelLuna.biz. She’s an in-demand speaker and author of the book Successful People are Full of Crap, and currently working on her next book, Girl, Confident

Today, Rachel talks about healing from trauma, how understanding the life circumstances of other people can change the way you approach business, and how to embody the confidence within you.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why cancer is not a death sentence
  • How a good memory for one person can be a painful trigger for another person
  • 3 different ways people react to situations
  • Why you should buy VIP tickets at events and other stuff


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Supporting Resources:

Visit Rachel’s website RachelLuna.biz

Get your tickets to Rachel’s live event, Confidence Activated on June 5-7, 2020 in Atlanta, GA

Follow Rachel on Instagram @girlconfident


Rachel Luna’s books:

Successful People are Full of Crap

Girl, Confident

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