Do you ever feel like you’re playing the long game in your business? My guest today Matt Christopherson is proof that, even in an unconventional industry, you will see fruit when you put in the time and hard work to something you’re passionate about. 

Matt Christopherson is the founder and President/CEO of Higharchy Brands Group, a company that helps cannabis brands maximize growth through advising and capital investment. Matt has over a decade of experience within the cannabis space, previously as VP of Business Development and a Partner at Keirton Inc., a company that provides growers with medical cannabis harvesting machines under the brand “Twister Trimmer”. In addition, Matt is a co-founder of Lift & Co, Canada’s largest cannabis education and tech platform powered by the industry’s largest database of medical marijuana and strain reviews left by real medical cannabis patients. He also sits on various boards within the cannabis industry. Matt is a director of a non-profit organization, Ruben’s Shoes.

In this episode you will hear Matt’s experience working with a product that carried a big stigma 12 years ago, but has transitioned into one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. 

“This industry has matured. There’s a lot of science behind the health benefits. People are now willing to share their experiences who were guarded and protected because of legality,” said Matt.

Matt shares it was his entrepreneurial personality that brought him into the industry, and that he never was “pothead guy.”

No matter your opinion on cannabis, The Green Rush is underway in the U.S., as more states legalize its usage. For Matt, that means greater market saturation and competition. 

“We have to know our core focus and stay true to that. There’s a lot of shiny pennies out there, but you have to carve out a niche for sure,” he says.

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