If you’ve ever wondered how you can get the word out about your business using free PR — even without a marketing budget — today’s episode is for you. Free PR is one of three pillars that helped Cameron Herold grow revenue for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? from $2 to $106 million.

Cameron Herold joins me today on Diary of a Doer. He is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth and is known around the world as “The CEO Whisperer.” He has used his reputation and experience to found the COO Alliance, a network that is 100% committed to COO’s or the second in command at a company.

Cameron’s latest book, “Free PR: How to Get Chased By The Press Without Hiring a PR Firm,” released this year on January 29 and hit #1 on Amazon from pre-sales alone.

In this episode, you’ll hear about Cameron’s start as an entrepreneur, and how it took years to learn boundaries in business after “clinically redlining from stress.” Cameron’s new philosophy, “it has to get done, but not by me,” has helped him embrace delegation.

Cameron also shares why he doesn’t believe everyone is cut-out to be an entrepreneur. Those who are entrepreneurial often share a common set of traits and skills, and in some cases, personality disorders. Being bipolar and ADD has helped Cameron build his business and energize others to get behind his vision.

Lastly, today’s episode dives into why PR is so important for new businesses and how pitching news stories to journalists is actually easier than a lot of entrepreneurs think.

“PR helps you get to where you’re going and establishes third-party credibility,” said Cameron.

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