We always hear about the importance of content marketing. But if you are anything like me, I struggle to come up with new ideas for content. During these times — when I’m stuck in my head — I try to just write from the heart. The only problem is that writing from the heart doesn’t always convert.

Content marketing is both an art and a science. We must add value, but also be cognizant of SEO, optimized headlines, our personas and their customer journeys.

In this episode, you’ll hear our tried-and-true system for generating new content ideas for an entire year.

We break down our system step by step, and share our top 6 tips for content idea generation. You will be amazed at how many ideas you already have! This episode also includes two worksheets for you to download so you can get started. The first helps you organize your overall topics and subtopics, and the second creates focus by month, and day of the week.


It’s my hope that with this system, and by following our 6 steps, content marketing won’t feel so overwhelming. In the end, you will have content on the right platforms for your end user that will actually be valuable.


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