Hugo Santillan was an Argentinian boxer who died from sustained injuries during a match. Had his trainer known when to stop the fight, then things would have turned out differently. 

As a company owner, you are placing yourself in this proverbial ring every day, belting out those solid jabs and right hooks. 

Ironically, you could fall victim to your own resilience and determination to win that you end up hitting your breaking point.

And so, you need to have a team who can take care of you in moments you can’t.

You have to have a team that is able to call the fight.


Your Three-Point Punch to Success

1. Pay attention. 

When your team brings to your attention that you need to tap out, then you probably need to listen. It’s one thing to try and carry a brave face and remain strong as a leader. It’s another thing to be proud and bullheaded about your own health. 

2. Get to know your team. 

Trainers know their fighters inside and out. The more you develop a relationship with your EA, the better they can read your mind and know how you operate. They can create systems and processes so your energy is protected. 

3. Don’t perceive it as a failure. 

Think of this as preserving yourself so you can go further. Chase slow to save yourself, your health, and your family.



From Burnout to Winning by Total Knock-Out

The real solution is not having a team that can call a fight as you’re actually breaking down. 

But it’s learning how to change your habits in the daily grind with your team so you can prevent burnout. Then you won’t even have to reach any breaking point at all. 

Being tired doesn’t necessarily mean you have to quit – it just means you need to rest. 

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