Raise your hand if you’ve suffered from burnout. It’s crippling isn’t it?

I’ve experienced burnout more times than I can count. More often than not, it’s my own fault for not setting clear boundaries and putting unrealistic expectations on myself.

Burnout from business is real and often times unavoidable. In this episode, I want share with you 5 ways to avoid burnout. These aren’t hokey little remedies I found in a Google search. Rather they’re tried and true strategies I use in my own life and have encouraged my entire team to put into practice.

Here’s the deal… burnout can sneak up on us quickly. It’s our responsibility to ourselves, our family, and those we serve to put strategies in place to avoid burnout before it overtakes us.

In this episode, I’m going to share how to avoid doing everything yourself, why you should brain dump everything on paper (yes, I use actual paper!), the importance of a mastermind, how to avoid an emotional collapse (your family will thank me for this one, and remembering you’re in control.

You didn’t start your business so you could resent it one day. No! You created your business to serve others and create a better life for yourself. Burnout has no place there! Now listen and show burnout who’s boss.

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