Do you ever fall into the trap of thinking that if work isn’t always hard, you’re not working hard enough? I know I have. Being an entrepreneur IS hard work. But the truth is, I’ve learned that working harder does not always mean I’m working efficiently.

This episode is dedicated to my Doers who believe we can do it all, and do it all well. We may trick ourselves into believing we can multitask, but in today’s episode, I cite a study that shows that both men and women struggle with juggling priorities, and make more mistakes when trying to work faster and switch between tasks.

In this episode, you’ll hear the top 7 things to offload to your virtual assistant today. We highly recommend downloading Priority VA’s free guide, which goes into greater detail than I cover in the episode for each category. These include:

    1. Email management – All it takes is creating a simple folder system for your VA for you to cut ties with this impulsive time sucker. We recommend the tool InboxWhenReady to help you become even more accountable to the system.
    2. Calendar management – Passing this off will save you from overbooking yourself and help streamline the way events are scheduled in your week. We recommend a color coding and grouping system that facilitates this process. Another favorite tool for this category is OneTab.
    3. Funnel building – Yes, even one of the most important conduits for business growth can be outsourced. Our free guide outlines exactly how to offload this task.
    4. Tech implementation –  It’s my humble opinion that everyone needs a “Monica” for this category, the person you can ask to research the latest and greatest before feeling like you need to jump on every new software bandwagon.
    5. Customer support – As your business grows, it’s important to give every customer a personal experience. Outsourcing is such a blessing for this area, but requires adequate training to make sure interactions don’t become stale and robotic.
    6. Social media management – This requires planning in the form of a content calendar and some automated tools (which we cover in the free guide) to get started. But once implemented, you will love not having to be in every social platform responding to every comment.
    7. Content creation – You can participate in content creation without writing every single blog post. I review how to not become a bottleneck in this area by being the “keeper of ideas.”

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Free Guide: Top 7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Outsource

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