As leaders, we want to be approachable and open. We want our team members to feel comfortable talking about their personal life with us. But sometimes, it goes too far. Stuff at home, or emotional insecurities, can affect how our team performs at work. 

How can you handle the emotional insecurities of your team without losing your patience? What should you say when a member of your team Slacks you with a personal concern? How can you gently crack the whip to keep the business running while still being approachable? 

In this episode I’m going to answer these questions and share my personal experience with handling a team’s emotional insecurities. I will also give examples of what not to do so that you don’t make matters worse — for yourself or others!

In today’s episode you’ll hear:
– How to make HEALTHY accommodations to teammates who have personal life conflicts
– The SIMPLE ways you can show appreciation to emotionally insecure employees
– Why you need to ENGAGE to find out what’s going on behind the scenes
– How benchmarks and check-ins can keep you and your team team moving FORWARD
– The importance of addressing the INDIVIDUAL
– The need for empathy and BOUNDARIES
– How an EA can help you multiply your IMPACT with struggling teammates
– WHEN you’ll know if someone is no longer a good fit

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